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Maureen Gray

Artist's Statement  ::
By creating I am seeking illumination and clarity in a time when neither is easily accessible. Being a sculptor is my attempt to reach beyond my barriers, either real or imagined, physical, mental or spiritual, it doesn't matter. I do not have to explain my reality to you. What I must do is open a door for you to experience your own reality. Some people will understand and some won't, this is irrelevant because the interaction between art and viewer has already taken place. Working in stone is exciting to say the least, it naturally has a life of its own. The original shape of the stone dictates what form can be discovered within it. The faults and grain of the stone must be taken into consideration and accepted by the artist and used to the best advantage. The essence of the stone is the same even after the artist has produced a new form, the color, grain and spirit of the stone live on; the visual aspect is the only change that occurs. When someone understands the concept of the creation and must relate to the sculpture by touching it, then I know I have accomplished my goal.

Pieces by Maureen Gray:

* Some of these artworks may not be for sale.

Selected Exhibitions:  ::
The Garden Show-Barnett Gallery Milwaukee, WI
Lansing Art Gallery Lansing, MI
Mackerel Sky Gallery East Lansing, MI
Creative Resource Gallery Birmingham, MI
Copeland Fine Art Columbus, OH
Otherwise Gallery Lansing, MI
Flatlanders Gallery Blissfield, MI