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   "Marathon" by Patrick Mills




Height:42 in. / 106.68 cm
Width:78 in. / 198.12 cm

Discipline  ::  Painting
Medium  ::  Oil Paint on Linen
Type  ::  Wall-Mounted

Price  ::  $4330

Artist's Notes  ::
A marathon is a long hard race that comes to a finish line. In the process of creating this painting many fragmented thoughts broken words/ poems passed through my head. Erika's (my wife) father had cancer and passed away Dec 1st 2002. Erika had trouble sleeping. We would stay up late talking. When she was able to fall asleep…she would start dreaming, moving in bed a great deal So I would go sleep on the futon..or do drawings.

Ten years ago my father died suddenly of a heart attack. This had a massive impact on my life, and helping Erika talk about the loss of her father resurfaced all the feeling I had when my father passed away.

If you have a question about this artwork or are interested in purchasing it, please reserve this piece online or contact Art Consultant Jeff Hersey at jeff@terra-gallery.com or (614) 726-9260.

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